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Terracotta pots: maintenance tips

To ensure that your article lasts over time, pay attention to these simple but effective steps:

1. Heat slowly so as to avoid sudden temperature changes that could cause breakage.

2. Use a flame spreader, it’s not mandatory but an extra protection. The important thing is to cook over low and large heat, so you won’t have any surprises.

3. Avoid adding cold items when the pan is still hot. The “craquelet” phenomenon, or “cavillo”, that is the formation of small spider webs around the coating, due to the porosity of the material, is a characteristic of the flame terracotta, necessary to withstand thermal expansion.

4. Spread a clove of garlic on the bottom of the pan, the unglazed part that will come into direct contact with the fire, therefore the most delicate. Garlic, a natural antibacterial and a fixative, will naturally protect the bottom of the pot during cooking. If you use the pot daily, repeat the operation every 6 months, otherwise it is enough once a year.

5. Once cooked, wait for the pot to cool before washing, if done by hand. When mixing the dishes during cooking, pay attention to the use of metallic elements because they could scratch the enamel. Better to use the classic wooden spoon!

6. You can also wash the pot in the dishwasher, but always after it has cooled completely.

7. To eliminate unpleasant odors, boil in the pan some water with 2 tablespoons of vinegar and the smells will disappear. Or keep it soaked in water and lemon juice and then rinse it well. Or still rub the whole inside of the pot with a clove of garlic. After an hour add the milk and boil for a few minutes. Let it cool and after 4 hours wash it with water and detergent. This serves to fill the pores of the terracotta and prevent food residues from settling.