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Terracotta pot for every type of cooking

In the kitchen, in addition to the authenticity and freshness of the ingredients, the skill of the chef is given by the pots used for cooking. To bring tasty and quality dishes to the table, it is important to choose the most suitable material based on the type of cooking, so as to ensure maximum nutritional performance, the best hygiene conditions and the highest digestibility.
Here are the various types of cookware that cannot be missing in the kitchen:

Fagioliera: the traditional high pot with two handles, ideal for long cooking of vegetable soups and legumes.

Pan: the most widespread pot because the most ductile, with a high edge, with one or two handles; it is perfect for holding liquids or bulky foods, such as succulent roasts and delicious meat-based second courses (eg: game or wild boar with pasta, broths, stews, boiled or steamed vegetables).

Casserole:the item with two handles, wider and lower than the pan. It is used for second courses based on rabbit or chicken, which need more space for cooking.

Frying pans with low edges: ideal for preparing omelettes, crepes, slices of meat, sauteed vegetables.

Stew Dish: thanks to its “bulging” shape, it allows you to cook stewed foods, letting them cook slowly. Ideal for thick and creamy risotto or for sauces and meat sauce.
Bread-Cooking pan: it is an oval pan with lid that allows perfect cooking of bread, pizza and “focaccia”. The curve of its bell accurately recreates the dome of traditional ovens and ensures a good level of humidity for the bread, which is essential during cooking.

Baked-potatoes pan: it is a particular terracotta pot, with the peculiarity of maintaining cooking and spreading the heat of the stove flame homogeneously. Being in earthenware, this pan gradually releases heat and allows food to be kept warm even after cooking.

Tajine: </strongit is a particular earthenware pan of Moroccan origin, ideal for a slow and super light cuisine. Formed by a shallow circular base and a cone-shaped lid, it is recommended for long-cooking dishes.