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Our terracotta collections:
strength and artisan beauty

From the Umbrian land, rich in silica and iron, the De Silva collections are born. Pots, pans, casseroles, bowls, cups, plates, tajines and much more: our terracotta production is entirely handmade, completely customizable in shapes and colors, both for small and large lots. The imperceptible imperfections of our products mean only one thing, but of absolute importance: the object is handmade, a unique and inimitable, top quality piece. Weight is also fundamental: our red clay is heavy and makes its centuries-old history feel in the hands. 

A trick to recognize quality terracotta? Just tap with your fingers: if it produces a dry sound (clack) it is of excellent workmanship, while a dull sound is a symptom of a wrong cooking. Without neglecting the porous and genuine nature of the material: it is an essential condition for flame resistance and for the ability to withstand temperature change. The strength of our terracotta products is in the centuries-old tradition that knows how to renew itself every day. We are ready to face every test and every challenge: who’s next?

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